Narrow neighborhood Streets in the Rice Military/Heights Area should be re routed to be one way in a grid pattern. These streets are pretty tiny and there is not enough room to widen them without encroaching on properties or creating issues with drainage and water runoff. But, anyone who has ever driven down Feagan Street between Waugh and Detering (or similar streets in that area) knows how much of an issue this is. Between street parking and trash/recycling pickup days, drivers are essentially forced to play chicken, race to get past the obstruction in the roadway first, or constantly stop/start to avoid oncoming traffic. Add to this the fact that sidewalks are either non existent or fractured so pedestrians frequently end up in the roadway. A grid pattern would allow traffic to flow in one direction without risking collision or being delayed by constant obstructions. It would also create space to navigate around pedestrians or cyclists while freeing up more areas where street parking is acceptable. Looks at Chicago as an example. There are similar issues but not the same amount of congestion.

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Larry Streck

Location: District C 3 months ago in Commuting
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